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affordable zero energy modular home innovation project, vt

site description:

throughout the state of vermont


This  project evolved when 100’s of mobile homes in Vermont were destroyed by tropical storm Irene in 2011 and were in need of replacement.   We were hired by Efficiency Vermont to develop the design for a high efficiency modular home not only to replace the units that were destroyed but for new housing stock as well. This initiative has evolved into an ongoing project and since its inception  we have developed several different unit designs. 16 units have been built to date. These homes are pre-fabricated solely by Vermod at their factory in Wilder Vermont and delivered to the prospective property turn-key.

All of the units are designed and detailed to achieve net-zero energy use, and do not use any fossil fuels. The cost of the home is extremely affordable and with the solar photovoltaic system producing all the energy needed there are no monthly utility bills.

With R43 double stud walls, triple glazed windows, an R40 floor assembly and an R60 roof the homes meet a very high standard of energy efficiency. As a result they are very comfortable to live in during all seasons. All interior materials and finishes  have been carefully selected to achieve a healthy indoor environment. 


· net zero with 6 kWh PV

· fresh air provided with a conditioning energy recovery  ventilator ( CERV)

· cold climate heat pump space heating

· efficient heat pump hot water heater

· energy star - 5+ star rated

· environmentally respectful materials

· fully pre-fabricated in the factory and delivered in turn-key   condition


Efficiency Vermont's Best of the Best Merit award for innovation.

VBGN - 2015 going green award

construction: Vermod - High performance manufactured homes 

design: pillmaharam architects

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