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new residence underhill, vt

site description:

rural with panoramic mountain views


This home was designed around an existing post and beam barn frame which the client had salvaged. We needed to find the balance between creating a strong visual connection to the beautiful panoramic views of the mountains and the ability to maximize the solar potential of the roof and day lighting inside. We achieved this with the careful siting of the home and the placement and design of the fenestration. The house was constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPS) which surround the barn frame giving the home a super tight continuous R45 envelope. Exterior materials were chosen to blend into the hillside.   


· salvaged post and beam barn frame  

· structural insulated panels (SIPS)

· high efficiency ERV

· cold climate heat pumps

· heat pump water heater

· natural locally sourced materials


· 5+ Energy Star rating

· Efficiency Vermont High Performance Home Program Gold Tier

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