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high performance home community charlotte, vt

site description:

a small rural community development for high performance homes


This new home was designed and built to minimize financial as well as environmental costs, it also meets the Passive House Standard but was not certified. Built using modular construction, this house features a double stud wall cavity of dense pack cellulose insulation with an additional 4" of rigid insulation applied to the exterior creating an R value of 64. Roof is loose fill cellulose with an R value of 91. Basement and foundation are fully insulated with an R value of 52. The house is oriented to maximize solar gain and with its low heat load only requires a single cold climate heat pump for all space heating. Domestic hot water is produced with a roof mounted solar hot water system and fresh air is delivered with a heat recovery ventilator. All of these strategies combined with the roof mounted PV system enable this home to operate at net zero energy use.


· zero net energy home

· energy star - 5+ star rated

· designed and built to the Passive House Standard

· environmentally respectful materials

· cold climate heat pump

· solar hot water heater

· 7 KW Photo-voltaic system

· this house has was build with modular construction



5+ ENERGY STAR Rated HERS of 29 and 0 with PV

Efficiency Vermont High Performance Home Program Gold Tier



Efficiency Vermont's Best of the Best Comprehensive Efficiency Merit Award in 2013

VGBN's Vermont's Greenest Building Award in 2013.


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