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new residence gloucester, ma

site description:

site with ocean, estuary and dune views.


Being surrounded by an estuary, ocean and dunes, this house site afforded magnificent views from every direction. The form of the house evolved from this dynamic landscape and the specifics of the site. We created two structures, one as living space and the other as garage and connected them by an upper deck and breezeway below. These two forms created the entry and connection to the path to the beach.  On the interior, the painted steel and wood stair floats inside of a 3 story space connecting all of the interior spaces vertically. Layout of programmed spaces and window placement was a direct response to the site. This house was designed and built for a high level of energy efficiency. With super insulated double stud walls and roof, triple glazed windows and superior air sealing, this house was certified to the highest tier of the Massachusetts energy star program. All exterior materials were thoughtfully selected for environmental sustainability and durability for this harsh exposure. Railings are constructed with stainless steel, metal siding is kynar coated aluminum, and the "wood" siding and decking is a corn husk composite material. Roof areas have been delineated for a future PV system to allow this house to operate at net zero energy use.


· super insulated building envelope

· energy star - 5+ star rated

· environmentally respectful materials

· cold climate heat pumps

· zero net energy ready home




5+ ENERGY STAR Rated 46 HERS Score without PV

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