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net-zero office hinesburg, vt

site description:

Existing historic house


This 1850s era farmhouse was renovated and a new addition was constructed with an eye to maintaining the historic character of the building, becoming an energy efficiency showcase and installing enough solar photovoltaic panels on the roof to provide 100% of the annual all-electric building’s heating, cooling, hot water, lights and appliance energy needs.


· deep energy retrofit to create a high performance building envelope.

· heat provided with cold climate heat pumps

· super insulation and air sealing

·triple glazed windows

·historic preservation


efficiency vermont's best of the best merit award for commercial building design and construction: Major Renovation

vermont green building network -  2019 Vermont's greenest building - commercial


EFG Southwest
EFG northwest
EFG south
EFG interior 1
EFG Interior 8

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