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micro office village shelburne, vt

site description:

house and barn in the center of shelburne village


Our vision was to find an existing property in need of repair and repurpose it to create a micro “office village” for a couple of businesses, including our own. We wanted this “office village” to have shared indoor and outdoor space and be within walking distance to all services. The property we found met all of our criteria.  Our goal was to; rehabilitate both existing buildings with a deep energy retrofit, dramatically reduce their energy use and carbon footprint, make them net zero energy ready, and maintain a high level of design and detail to fit within the historic Shelburne village context.


· deep energy retrofit to create a high performance building envelope for both buildings

· heat provided with air to air cold climate heat pumps

· super insulation and air sealing

·triple glazed windows

·historic preservation


efficiency vermont's best of the best merit award for commercial building design and construction: Major Renovation

vermont green building network -  2015 Vermont's greenest building - commercial

vermont green building network -  2015 people's choice award


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