Lake House
Leicester, VT

Site description:

Wooded lakefront lot.


After careful deliberation and investigation, it was determined that the existing camp was not structurally sound enough to renovate and/or add onto therefore it had to be dismantled. The clients who respresented three generations of the family were very sentimentally attached to the existing camp as it had been in the family for almost 60 years.

Enviornmental Features:

In our effort to save as much of the camp as possible for environmental and sentimental reasons, many materials were salvage from the old structure and re-used in the new, including the old bowling alley salvaged countertop, interior pine paneling, light fixtures, doors and hardware. The home was built to Energy Star compliance but not certified. Durable and natural materisl including tree columns sourced locally were sourced throughout the new building.


·  materials defining forms
·  sculpting interior space with rustic modern materials
· tree columns
· energy efficient windows

re-use of existing materials


2009 AIA Vermont Honorable Mention in the Residential Catagory

Photography by: Susan Teare Photography

Lake Dunmore Railing Detail



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