New Residence
East Hampton, NY

Site description:

Existing footprint with water views.


With the use of site specific forms responding to views, solar exposure and function, the goal for this new home was to merge interior with exterior space. The main house takes advantage of pond views, while support spaces occupy the wing to the north. Guest rooms are located in another wing, across a landscaped courtyard, adjacent to the solar-heated pool. Measures were taken to apply sustainable design features to the house. Native, drought-tolerant grasses are planted to the pond side while the windowless north side of the house creates a courtyard and shelters the house from the road view.


·  large expanses of glass
·  low building forms integrate house to site
·  10 KW Photovoltaic array
· ground source heat pump for heating and cooling
· insulated concrete forms
· Solar tempered design



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